Steve Jobs: There is no reason not to follow your heart

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Be curious

To stay alive we have to be curious. Some people are very curious about something that it eventually becomes their passion. I love to learn something new whenever I can. If you go to the library near you, you will find lots of things and subjects that are interesting. Photography, a new language, history, culture, science... are just some of the things we can explore. The best thing about this is that we are not studying because there is an exam or test coming up soon, it is because we simply want to know. That's what makes it fun and enjoyable. I went to a music college some years ago because I could not sleep until I had a clear idea about...for example, what dorian scales are and how composers used them, what chromatic approach chords and sub Vs are etc...By the way, harmony is still my favourite up to this day.
On the other hand, we could learn something that we had never done before, like cooking :) or some sports..

If I died tomorrow

Sometimes I think: If I died tomorrow, I still have an album on earth! People can still listen to my music and I can still connect with people or inspire them even after I died. I have this great feeling since I published my own CD in 2007. I feel that I have made a contribution to the world. It is now my job to introduce the music to as many people as possible.
A good thing about instrumental music is that people can understand it no matter what languages they speak, and since there are no words or lyrics, you can make up your own stories when you listen to it. Sometimes you could paint a completely different picture in your head no matter what title the composer gave the song.